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About the Guarantee Fund

  /   About the Guarantee Fund

The Guarantee Fund is an institution which plays a significant role in protecting the interests of citizens and maintaining the stability of the insurance sector and public confidence in it.

Its operations guarantee the right of insured persons in case of road accidents with uninsured motor vehicles and ensures the guarantee of the claim of the insured persons in case of insolvency of an insurer.  People can use a number of information and reference services provided by the Fund.

The Guarantee Fund applies active measures to increase the scope of motor third party liability insurance, thus protecting the interests of diligent drivers and society. With the support of the Ministry of Interior on projects for the provision of equipment and information and communication technologies, the institution makes a tangible contribution towards more effective road control and improvement of road safety in the country.

The Guarantee Fund was established in 1997 by the Insurance Act and operates in accordance with the current legislation and internal regulations on its structure and operations. The institution is a full member of the Council of Bureaux, which governs the Green Card Third Party Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance System.