The Fund shall not make any payment in the cases listed in Art. 29 of the Regulation on the Guarantee Fund Organization and Operation, published in Stage Gazette No. 74 dated 8.09.2006 as follows:

1. In relation to the Third Party Liability Insurance of Motorists, for:

  • Any damages suffered by the guilty motor vehicle driver;
  • The damages caused to the property of a motor vehicle passenger driven by the guilty driver or to the property of any member of the guilty driver’s family;
  • The damages caused to the motor vehicle driven by the guilty driver as well as the damages caused to any property transported by such motor vehicle;
  • The damages caused during the motor vehicle use for participation in any racing, provided that the compliance with the traffic rules was not mandatory for the racing participants;
  • The damages caused where the motor vehicle is used during any terrorism or war act, provided that the third parties’ damages is directly relating to such act;
  • The damages caused to the motor vehicle by the transportation of any radioactive, chemical or other materials presenting a higher danger;
  • The damages representing pollution or contamination to the environment;
  • Any damages resulting from the loss or destruction of money, jewelry, securities, any kinds of documents, stamps, coins or other similar collections;
  • Reimbursement of any payments made by the social insurance or health insurance system upon or relating to a death or physical injury subsequent to an insurance event;
  • Any interests on delays accrued to the guilty driver prior to the date of filing the claim for compensation under Art. 31, para. 1 ;
  • Devaluation of the damaged property;
  • Fines, confiscation and any other property sanctions not representing implementation of guilty driver’s third party liability;
  • The damages for which the compensation has been paid by the guilty driver or by any third party;
  • The damages to any third party’s property as caused on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by an unidentified motor vehicle, except for the cases under Art. 288, para. 2 of the Insurance Code;
  • The damages suffered by a person traveling at his/her own will in the motor vehicle and being aware that such motor vehicle has been stolen, robbed or subject to a crime under Art. 346 of the Criminal Code.

2. With respect to the obligatory Accident Insurance for the passengers, where the event occurred in result from:

  • War, rioting or any acts having a military nature, rebellions, civil disturbances, and any similar to them;
  • Act of terrorism;
  • Attempt to or commitment of any offense of general nature by a passenger;
  • Passenger’s suicide or attempt for suicide;
  • Passenger’s disease of any nature including epileptic syncope or syncopes of any other nature, haemorrhages, paralyses, gastrointestinal infections, food-poisoning, etc., save for the cases where physical sufferings are provoked by any insurance event and such sufferings result in a death or physical injury;
  • Prematurely child-bearing or abortion unless caused by an accident;
  • Any temperature impacts (cold, freezing, sunstroke or heatstroke), operations, radiation, injections or other curative actions as far as they do not result from an accident occurred;
  • Any alcoholic intoxication and any passenger’s injuries caused by them, use of drugs or substances similar to them by a passenger;
  • Earthquake or atomic and nuclear explosions, radioactive products and their contamination, (ionizing) radiation.