The Council  of the Fund shall:

Establish the number of and elects and releases the members of the Board of Directors;Elect and release the Executive Manager among the members of the Board of Directors;Control the operation of the Board of Directors;Adopt the Fund annual budget;Make proposals to the Financial Surveillance Committee regarding the contributions under the compulsory insurances Motor Third Party Liability Insurance /MTPL/ and Accident for the public transport passengers;Adopt the general principles of investing the Fund's resources.

The Managing Board shall:

Elect a chairperson of the Managing Board amongst its members, which chairperson shall convene and preside the Board meetings;Set up the administration and management structure; adopt the staff structure and the payroll rules of the Fund;Manage the collection of Fund's resources;Give opinions regarding any compensation claims; take decisions regarding how the Fund's resources will be invested in compliance with the legislation and the resolutions of the Council  of the Fund;Organize and bear responsibility regarding the Fund's resource spending;Prepare an annual report with respect to the Fund's activities to be submitted to the Council  of the Fund;Take resolutions regarding the Fund's participation in any specialized international organizations of any structures having a similar scope of activity;Approve any agreements for Fund's collaboration with any governmental institutions and public organizations, in relation to the activities implemented.

The Executive Director  shall:

Represent the Fund and carry out the day-to-day management of the Fund;Carry out the legal and material action regarding the Fund's resource investing in line with the resolutions of the Managing Board and in compliance with the legal requirements applicable;Dispose the Fund's resources in compliance with the resolutions of the Managing Board, the Regulation on Fund's organization and operation and the Insurance Code.

The Secretary General shall:

Carry out the administrative management of the Fund by coordinating and controlling the administrative units with respect to the accurate compliance with the legislation and Executive Director's orders;Ensure the organizational link between the Executive Director and the administrative units as well as among the administrative units;Provide the conditions for a normal and effective operation, organize the allocation of the tasks to be implemented by the administrative units;Coordinate and control the financial and economic activities. Control and be responsible for the appropriate keeping and storage of documentation.

The Information Center shall:

Administer a coherent systems for the compulsory insurance and data collection reporting, by making the necessary summaries and analyses;Carry out the exchange of information with the competent governmental authorities and with the information centers of the EU member states.

The Internal Claims Department shall:

  • Carry out liquidation activities for property damage for events in Bulgaria
  • Register the claims and process the relevant documents.

The International Claims Department shall:

  • Carry out liquidation activities for property damage for events abroad
  • Register the claims and process the relevant documents.

The Legal and Regressions Department shall:

Conduct the legal work related to any claims to the Fund and Fund's representation at court;Organize the work relating to the regression receivables collection both voluntarily and having recourse to the court.

The Finance and Accounting Department shall:

Carry out the Fund's accountancy;Conduct the operating control of investments.

The General Administration and Secretariat Department shall:

Support the Executive Manager in the implementation of its powers as a manager of the Fund;Support the specialized administration work;

Perform any activities relating to the administrative services to both citizens and legal entities.